The contact information below is for instructors who can do demos and are currently teaching in the local area.  Please contact them directly for further information.


Schools of Ikebana

There are many schools of Ikebana, and each one is unique in its approach.  The list below gives information regarding the schools being represented in the Sarasota area.



This school encourages personal interpretation.  Imagination is considered as essential to creative designs as are materials and containers.


Gail Newman  

Jeanne Houlton



The foundation from which all ikebana is descended from.  The ikenobo school stresses a natural floral arranging style.



This school emphasizes personal expression for a modern ikebana style.  This is a newer and more progressive school that stresses using local materials for designs.

Patricia Bonarek, Jonin Somu,

Clair Laverty

Betty Strandberg

Adrienne Wagner

George Schofield

Gwen Lawry

Joan Gushiken


Ohara School

Susan Thorpe



This school emphasizes the wonderful relationship between the flowers, greenery, container and the environment in which it will be displayed.  

Polly Curran