Enter the rich and creative world of Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral

arranging.  This art form is open to anyone, anywhere at any age.  It uses

the beautiful flowers and plants given to us by mother nature to stimulate

creativity and imagination.

   An arrangement can be but a few flowers and branches or contain multiple

materials.  The charm of ikebana is a direct expression of nature The

precious time spent immersed in creating an arrangement can bring great

pleasure whether you are just beginning your study or have studied


   I invite you to join our chapter of Ikebana International and explore this

artform. We are a world-wide organization bound together in peace and

harmony with the motto "Friendship through Flowers".  

Our chapter meets at the Sarasota Garden Club on the last Monday of the

month September through April.  



Patricia Mi Tei Bonarek, President









These are just a few of the wonderful arrangements done by members for our 51st  Exhibition: Visit our Photo Gallery for even more arrangements. 


 Japanese Textiles in Ikebana




 2019/2020 Membership Renewal 


Current members please complete this form and return it to the provided address.